Terms of Service

Let's keep this short, we are not a mining company, we never claim to own any hardware, this is a mining game for entertainment and profit, we do invest your money in yield farming mostly on polygon and BSC.

The referral program also helps in keeping the flow of dogecoin coming, if everyone plays fairly, hodl and keep investing everyone is going to benefit from this.

This project can get you so much profit, but at the same time don't be greedy and don't invest what you cannot afford to lose.

Why did we make this project?

First is fun, second is profit, third is support doegcoin shibes, when you deposit dogecoin here its equal to holding it, when you buy using bitcoin or other currencies you are helping raise dogecoin price.

and finally we are not responsible for anything that might happen, including bugs, hacks or whatever causes you to lose your money, your pet, your life, your car we just don't care! we are doing our best to protect the platform, we will not scam you 100% guaranteed, but if nobody is investing or we lose in yield farming or market crash we have nothing to do, but wait until more people invest and it level it self up.

This project rely on YOU! if you keep referring people, you work hard for it you will be rewarded greatly.

Spread the word, and have fun boss.

That wasn't short after all.