You can earn as much as you want, if you keep investing or reinvesting you will grow your chance of earning more.

If have noticed the free miner you get when you start wont reach withdrawal, this is to protect our investors and not run out of dogecoins fast, the solution is you need to invest 20 or invite your friends to earn more and reach minimum withdraw.

Yes, it's possible to lose, after all this is just a game and not real mining, so if people stop investing we will not have enough balance to pay you.

if you want this project to last long and pay you much make sure to keep investing and inviting your friends to join.

We made sure this project is slow and steady to make sure it stay for years.

Withdrawals are instant it takes less than 1 minute to reach your wallet, but for withdrawals larger than 200 DOGE it can take up to 24 hours.

Yes withdrawals are automatic.

If you have not got your withdrawal for some reason use the support form to contact us.